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[Events] Event #23 - 1º Private Big Mata-Mata - Events July 2022 Who will be the first winner to initiate this history?

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Postou 05 August 2022 - 08:43 PM


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We are now beginning a new modality of special events, which is the Private Big Mata-Mata. This mata-mata has been held on MuAwaY for many years, however, we are now designing a private version, allowing the participants to return to the event and keep trying to achieve victory.

This first edition, the invitations can be purchased through the Chaos Machine Renew conversion using the Reward Box, which are provided by master reset. This is also a great opportunity for you as a free player, to make good profits by trading with the players attending the event.

On this day we will meet the very first winner of the Private Big Mata-Mata, which will mark its name in history and initiate the trajectory of this new special event, to be held seasonally on special chronograms.




To participate in the big private mata-mata you must have at least 01 invitation in your inventory.
Here's some information about the invitations.

• This invitation can only be purchased by conversion at the Chaos Machine Renew or ingame trading.
• This invitation can be negotiated through trade.
• This invitation cannot be dropped on the ground.
• This invitation cannot be refunded.
• If you decide to quit in the middle of the event or if a technical problem occurs that is not server-side, you will not be eligible for a refund, except in cases of bug's that are our responsibility.
• All invitations not used during this mata-mata season's will be deleted without refund within 3 days after the last private mata-mata of this edition.



Carefully read the rules and additional information on how the event will be held.

Basic Rules:

• It is forbidden for Brazilian players to use a foreign account to participate in the event.
• Prohibited to use/attack a skill or slap before the STAFFER authorizes the count in the global chat.
• Prohibited the use of ME or SM Buffs.
• Prohibited to move during the fight, if it happens you will be given 01 infraction on the 2nd infraction the player will be warped.
• The use of BK Buff will be allowed at any time
• It's only allowed to return to the event in normal phases. Semi-final and final are not possible.
• The player can not skip phases, meaning that if he loses the first phase he can try again as many times as he wants in the phase he lost, but if he doesn't win, he can't go back to the next phase.
• If a player DC happens after the semi-finals, one point will be given to the opponent and the player who took DC will have 60 seconds to return, if he does not return the victory will be given to the opponent.
• In case of a DC starting in the semi-finals, one point will be given to the opposing player and the player who took the DC will have 60 seconds to return, if they do not return the victory will be given to the opponent.
• If the player is offline, he will be automatically disqualified without any refund of spots or invitations.
• These rules may be altered at any time, so we highly recommend that you always keep an eye on the game. The STAFFER with permission from the administration may create or change rules which will be notified in this thread, or through a global message ingame.

How the event works:

• The invitations will be charged increasingly and exponentially, for example, the first time a player joins, he will be charged 01 invitation, if he loses and returns, he will be charged 02 invitations, if he loses and returns, 04 invitations will be charged, and so on, until the maximum number of invitations required is 64 (maximum inventory slots), and therefore they won't be able to come back again.
• Every round will be a best of one, with semi-finals and finals best of three.
• If any of the rules are violated the offending player will be given an infraction, if two are added together it will be a point for the opponent. The infractions will reset to zero at each round.

[04.] AWARDS



1º Place: 01 Champion Relic Box (w/ rare and premium drop)
2º Place: 01 Bag Box of Christmas
3º Place: 01 Sword of Style [P]



Start of the Event: August 7, 2022 from 14:00 (GMT -3)
Location: Trade 03

Best Regards,
MuAwaY - Team!

Atenciosamente, DiviX
MuAwaY - Projetando e construindo sua diversão!


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