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[Events] 8th War Continental - Classic - MuAwaY 2021 A classic edition, with exclusive awards and lots of emotion...

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Taking advantage of the hype of the last event, which was a success and preparing you for the news to come, we present the 8th War Continental, in a classic edition and without options customs.

Over the years, MuAwaY evolved and with these advances new options and slots were created, increasing the diversity of options and combinations. However, in this event all these custom updates will be disabled, as it was in the first and nostalgic years of the server.

In the event rooms, all options and special slots will be disabled, leaving all items leveled, whether old or new, and only some items will have active options, which will be informed below.

We know that currently many have been interested in events of this size, and this motivates us to bring even more news in this style, as we are doing this month.

This is an excellent opportunity to show your team's skill, as the differential of this event will be the skill and strategy of each one of the participants.

[02.] AWARDS:


1° Place:
Champion Guild: Choice of a new Classic [V] SET, which will be made available exclusively to the winning team and will not return in conversion seasons. (25 units will be made available and the choice will be analyzed by the administration, and may be approved and/or requested a new choice)

2° Place
Guild Master: 01 Ice Dragon - Steel [RL]
Assistant: 01 Ice Dragon - Blue [RL]
Members: 02 Mix de Creations +15

3° Lugar:
Guild Master: 01 Fenrir Ghost [Skin 3][RL]
Assistente: 01 Fenrir Ghost [Skin 1][RL]
Membros: 01 Mix de Creations +15

Obs: The prizes will be delivered within 7 working days, after checking the logs of all participants of the winning teams of the event. (except for the first place award, which will be dealt with by those responsible for the winning team)

[03.] RULES:


  • Subscription guidelines will be given on our Discord, click here and join the official channel;
  • In the event rooms, only the following items will have active custom options: Fenrir Gold, Fenrir Red and Dinorants;
  • Ring of Power will be prohibited;
  • It is forbidden to use 02 swords; (including visuals)
  • All classes and skill's are unlocked;
  • The same player cannot participate in two guilds, in case of IP checking, the team will be disqualified;
  • Minimum 10 members + 1 Guild Master;
  • Maximum 15 members + 1 Guild Master;
  • Before the start of the event, each participant must inform a continent, which they wish to fight, that continent will be reserved only for STAFF members + Guild's members who will battle;
  • Before the start of the event, each of the participants must inform how many points they want to have in the match held on their continent, having as possibilities of choice 20, 25 or 30 points;
  • As it is better than three, if one guild wins a round and the other wins another round, a third battle is needed, the tiebreaker map will default to Dark Arena with a default of 25 points; (this map can also be chosen as fighting continent)
  • Members who try to use malicious programs will be banned, and may result in disqualification of their guild;
  • /Move command will be disabled, including the use of Scroll;
  • It is forbidden to use portals that lead to another continent and in case of breaking this rule, the opposing guild will be awarded a point;
  • In case of DC of any guild member after the start of the war, 1 point will be credited to the opposing team, and if it is the guild master, 2 points will be credited;
  • In each of the rounds we will give an approximate space of 3 minutes between the last kill in the global and the next one, if we don't have any kills in that time, both guilds will be pulled;
  • Rules can be changed at any time and attendees can be notified via this topic or the global event server. We further clarify that the breach of any of the rules set out above may result in the disqualification of the entire guild, which will be analyzed by the administration.

    Exclusive rule for Foreign Guild opponents:
    There will be two War Total servers, one main (BR) and one secondary (US). In confrontations between BR and foreigners, one of the battles will be held on the main server (BR) and the other on the secondary (US).

    In case of a tie, the score of the first and second round will be checked, and the guild that has won with the highest score will be able to choose the tiebreaker server. If there is a tie on the scores in both rounds, a draw will be made.

Note: Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in disqualification from the Guild.



We will use the standard registration system for War Total, take a look at the instructions.

Menu for Guild Master:
User Panel > Manage Guild > Select the Guild Master's Character > Event War Total
In this menu you can register the members of your guild that will participate in the event, remember that once you hit SAVE the list of members will be the ones that will participate, no fees will be charged, so before saving the list it is recommended to select and check all the members that will participate. Starting on the second edition there will be a fee of 500 JCPoint's for each member added, to remove a member there will not be any fees. To make any removel or release changes, the member must be offline from the game.
There will be no time limit for editing the list, It's not forbidden editing members while the guilds on battle.
Guild Master's can now register their members from now on.

Public Menu:
User Panel > Events > War Total
This menu will be displayed for all 16 guild's that will be participating in the event and you will be able to see it in real time the members in which will be fighting in the guild, every time the guild master changes a member, this list will update in real time, so that everyone can see who is participating in this edition.

To learn more about both menus, check out the tutorial: Click here

[05.] KEYS:





Entry Phases with Foreigners: June 26th at 11:00 (GMT -3)
Server: War Continental #1 (US) and War Continental #2 (BR)
Phases of entry without foreigners: June 26th at 15:00 (GMT -3)
Server: War Continental #2 (BR)

Semi-finals and finals with foreigners: June 27th at 11:00 (GMT -3)
Server: War Continental #1 (US) and War Continental #2 (BR)
Semi-finals and finals without foreigners: June 27th at 15:00 (GMT -3)
Server: War Continental #2 (BR)

Note: all participants login 30 minutes in advance to prepare for the event.

:microfone: EVENT'S LIVE STREAM:



7ª War Continental (Campeã Continental: Noria - 2020 (G:TopFire) (Click here)
6ª War Continental (Tri-Campeã Continental: Tarkan - 2019 (G:LoveWar) (Click here)
5ª War Continental (Continente Campeão: Losttower - 2018 (G:ForCry) (Click here)
4ª War Continental (Bi-Campeã Continental: Noria - 2017 (G:LoveWar) (Click here)
3ª War Continental (Bi-Campeã Continental: Forum - 2017 (G: bOts) (Click here)
2ª War Continental (Continente Campeão: Dungeon - 2016 (G: bOts) (Click here)
1ª War Continental (Continente Campeão: Noria - 2016 (G: LoveWar) (Click here)

Best regards,
MuAwaY - Team!

Atenciosamente, DiviX
MuAwaY - Projetando e construindo sua diversão!


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