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[Events] 7# Continental War - July Gold - MuAwaY 2020 Learn more...

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Months after it's previous edition, War Continental is back, with minor changes and an epic reward for the winning continent.

We know that the competition environment between the guilds at MuAwaY is growing every day, and many of them have been training for months, aiming at such an expressive event, so we trust in everyone's potential.

War Continental, has the two-champion and the current three-champion winners, who will probably try to defend their titles. Well, are we going to have a new champion? Another tri-champion? An unprecedent four-time champion?



At this time, the auction of spots available through the web-site, following the same pattern as the war total, thus making this part of the event faster, more organized and easier for players to participate.

If you don't know how to participate in the Auctions, click here and view a tutorial with all the information.

Unlike other editions, we will auction spots for the event, rather than continents. After the auctions, the continent will be chosen according to the final bid, following a decreasing pattern, that is, from the highest to the lowest.

It's strictly forbidden for a single guild to fill two spots. If this happens, both teams will be disqualified and a penalty fee will be charged.

Check out the schedule below and conquer your spot:


01st Auction:
Minimum bid: 5.000 JCPoints
Data: 21/07 at 08h00 until 10:59am (GMT -3)

02nd Auction:
Minimum bid: 5.000 JCPoints
Horário: 21/07 at 08h00min until 12:59am (GMT -3)

03rd Auction:
Minimum bid: 5.000 JCPoints
Horário: 21/07 at 13h00min until 2:59pm (GMT -3)

04th Auction:
Minimum bid: 5.000 JCPoints
Horário: 21/07 at 15h00min until 4:59pm (GMT -3)

05th Auction:
Minimum bid: 5.000 JCPoints
Horário: 21/07 at 17h00min until 6:59pm (GMT -3)

06th Auction:
Minimum bid: 5.000 JCPoints
Horário: 21/07 at 19h00min until 8:59pm (GMT -3)

07th Auction:
Minimum bid: 5.000 JCPoints
Horário: 21/07 at 21h00min until 9:29pm (GMT -3)

08th Auction:
Minimum bid: 5.000 JCPoints
Horário: 21/07 at 21h30min until 10:29pm (GMT -3)

[03.] RULES:


  • The use of Ring of Power is prohibited.
  • The use of 02 swords is prohibited.
  • All classes and skill's are available.
  • A player WON'T be able to participate in two guilds, in case of IP checks, the team will be disqualified.
  • Minimum of 10 members + 1 Guild Master.
  • Maximum 15 members + 1 Guild Master.
  • Each battle will take place in a move defined by the continent's representative guild, this map will be reserved only for the STAFF members + guild members who are fighting.
  • Since we are using a Best of Three format, in case one guild wins one round and the other wins another round, a third battle is required, the continent for the tiebreaker fights will be defined through a Bo5 PvP fight inside Blood Arena, with two representatives (BK) of the guilds, without using SM/ME buffs.
  • Members who attempt to use malicious programs will be banned, and may lead to the disqualification of their guild.
  • Each modification made by the guild, after the teams are sent, will cost 2,400 JCPoints or 01 Mix of Creations +15.
  • Command /move will be disabled, you can only change maps through the portals that are located in them.
  • In case of DC by the Guild Master, the point will be given to the opposing guild.
  • Players, who relog during fights and go to Lorencia, won't be traced back to the ongoing fight.
  • Rules may be changed at any time, and participants may be notified through this topic or through the global of the War Continental server.

    Rule exclusive to opponents from foreign guilds:
    If we have any foreign team in this edition, we will hold the fight in advance before the start of the event, which will be on Sunday (07/26) at 10:00am (GMT -3) on the War Continental servers.

    If there are foreign guilds, we will have two War Continental servers, being one main (BR) and one secondary (Asia). Therefore, the first round will take place on the (BR) server and the second round on the (Asia) server. In case of a tie, the Guild Master will indicate a Battle Master to fight in a 1v1, the winning Battle Master will give the Guild Master the right to choose the map and server for the tiebreaker.

    The server for the 1v1 will be set based on the scores of each round. So, if the guild (BR) has won the first round by a score higher than the second round, won by the (Asia) guild, the server for 1v1 will be (BR) and vice versa.

Note: The non-compliance with any of these rules may lead to the disqualification of the Guild without the right to a refund of the spot fee.

[04.] REWARDS:


1st Place:
Guild Master: 01 Horse of War Ed. Christmas [RL]
Members: 01 Sword of War [RL]

2nd Place:
Guild Master: 01 Wings of Angel [RL]
Members: 01 Sword of War [RL]

3rd Place:
Guild Master: 01 Horn of Fenrir Ghost [Skin 3][RL] + 01 Sword of Style [P]
Members: 01 Sword of War [RL]






Entry phases, semi-finals & finals
Server: War Continental
Beginning of the event: 26 July 2020 at 2:00pm (GMT -3)
Ending of the event: in up to 03 hours after the start.

* Attendees should be online 30 minutes in advance to prepare for the event..
* The attending players list should be sent to, stating the name of the Guild, Guild Master and Assistant Master. Submit the exact nicknames, as it will be through them that their entry will be allowed to the event room.




6th War Continental (Three-times Continental Champion: Tarkan - 2019 (G:LoveWar) (Click here)
5th War Continental (Continental Champion: Losttower - 2018 (G:ForCry) (Click here)
4th War Continental (Two-time Continental Champion: Noria - 2017 (G:LoveWar) (Click here)
3rd War Continental (Two-time Continental Champion: Forum - 2017 (G: bOts) (Click here)
2nd War Continental (Continental Champion: Dungeon - 2016 (G: bOts) (Click here)
1st War Continental (Continental Champion: Noria - 2016 (G: LoveWar) (Click here)



Best regards,
MuAwaY Team.

Atenciosamente, DiviX
MuAwaY - Projetando e construindo sua diversão!


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